In a confusing series of official statements, Cube Entertainment has reversed its decision to oust soloist Hyuna and Pentagon member E’Dawn.

Hyuna and E'Dawn
Image source – Cube Entertainment

As a result of internal conflict, the president of Cube Entertainment Shin Dae-nam made a 180-degree from an earlier press conference where he announced the ousting of both singer Hyuna and E’Dawn from Pentagon.

“We are only discussing the withdrawal of Hyun-a and E’Dawn, but nothing is decided (at this time). Since the artist’s opinions are important, we are going to consider this issue¬†carefully and hear others’ opinions,” he said. They plan to hold a board meeting next week to make a final decision.

On the afternoon of September 13, an official from the company announced they would be expelling the two from the company due to a lack of trust. “We have been working on trust and trust is our top priority when managing artists,” the company said. Regarding Hyuna and E’Dawn, Cube Entertainment stated that they could not restore their trust in the two and as such can no longer work with them.

Unfortunately, both singers were informed about Cube Entertainment’s decision to oust them this morning through the press and acquaintances.

When the couple announced their relationship early last month, they subsequently damaged that trust. When the two revealed their relationship, it contradicted an official statement of denial from the company.

Not only that, but they also did not consult with the agency about their relationship and the possibility of openly dating. Further, the situation also resulted in a loss in profits due to the cancellation of Triple H’s comeback promotions.

Reportedly, inside the company, there is a stark divide between those opposed to the idea of ousting the two singers and those who voted to separate kick them out. Moreover, complicating the situation are the differing positions of¬†shareholders. Before reversing their position, the company’s stocks closed at 2,775 KRW — a 6.57% loss that many attributes to the news that Hyuna would be leaving the company.

Meanwhile, until the board meeting Hyuna, E’Dawn, Pentagon, and their fans will remain in limbo.



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