BTS’ vocalist Jimin surprised fans by releasing a solo track, “Promise.”

BigHit Entertainment

On December 31, Jimin released his new song, “Promise.” The artist dedicated his song to the BTS fandom A.R.M.Y.

“Thanks for waiting everyone. I’m finally unveiling the song I’ve written myself,” said Jimin on Twitter.

“It’s a song for me, but it’s also a song for you guys. It’s the first time for me so it’s a little rough, but please enjoy. Thanks for waiting, A.R.M.Y!”

“Promise” is an easy listening song that highlights Jimin’s tender voice. His voiced is backed only by an acoustic guitar, which goes perfectly well with the vocal.

The new solo track is meaningful as it’s the first solo Jimin produced himself. The song was co-produced by Slow Rabbit, and the lyrics is co-written by RM. The cover image was taken by BTS member V, adding more meaning to the song.


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