BTS has confirmed to hold an additional event for fans after the huge success of “ARMYPEDIA” event.

BigHit Ent.

On March 7, BTS released the poster for “ARMY UNITED in SEOUL,” the upcoming event for the fandom ARMY.

The newly announced event follows “RUN ARMY in ACTION,” which will be held on March 10. Tickets for the first event became sold out as soon as they opened.

On February 22, the teaser for ARMYPEDIA was released over seven cities including Seoul, Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong, London, and Paris. Members of the official page soon surpassed 5 million and its social media followers went over 7.6 million.

ARMYPEDIA allocates QR codes all over the world, which direct to quizzes about BTS. Fans who find the QR codes gather their memories to find the answers, which give pieces for the jigsaw puzzle.


Out of 2080 pieces, 920 were found over 10 days. This is impressive, regarding the fact that each QR code is released one after another and that only 4 weeks are given for each quiz.

“ARMY UNITED in SEOUL” will take place on March 23 at Oil Tank Culture Park in Seoul. At the event, fans will watch BTS’ performance videos together and share the messages BTS members are trying to send.

ARMYPEDIA, which is the compound word of BTS fandom ARMY and Wikipedia, engages fans to gather memories and information about BTS. The digital archive will have records of 2080 days from BTS’ debut on June 13, 2013, to the foundation of ARMYPEDIA on February 21, 2019.


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