The company value of BTS’s agency Big Hit Entertainment is estimated at 2.5 trillion won, calculated by Hana Financial Investment, Co.

Analyst Lee Ki-hoon explained, “Big Hit Entertainment’s total sales and business profits are estimated at 230 billion won and 83 billion won, each. Their record sales have increased to 4.5 million copies up to August this year from last year’s 2.7 million. Therefore, the sales are estimated at 5 million per year.”

“Their sales from digital tracks will be even higher, considering BTS’s songs have the highest views on YouTube”, Lee added.

In conclusion, Lee has estimated the total company value to be anywhere from 1.8 trillion to more than 2.5 trillion won, after applying PER (Price Earning Ratio) of x30 and x40, each.


Original article
by Audrey Joung