Actress Jang Mi-in-ae has revealed that someone offered her a “sex sponsorship”. While she shared her anger on social media, she even had a verbal argument with a malicious commenter.

On November 13th, Jang Mi-in-ae posted a screenshot of a direct message she received from someone on Instagram. The message said, “please contact me if you are looking for a long-term high pay sponsor or you are interested”. With the screenshot, the actress wrote in the caption: “I can’t believe I received such message during my actress career. This is not even the first time. Do you want to get beaten up? You pricks wouldn’t even be able to talk to my face”.

After she posted the photo, she then had a verbal argument with one of the people that commented on the post. The commenter first put a link of a community post about Jang Mi-in-ae’s sponsor and wrote: “Hey, please go to that link and read through the comments. I hope you live knowing how people generally think of you”.

To the comment, the actress replied with rage: “Do you think I look like someone who constantly worries about how other people think of me? I never asked them to like me. Do I really need to deal with every single person that hates me?”.


Original article
by Audrey Joung