Drunken Tiger releases “BUMAYE,” the second track to the group’s 10th and final album.

On June 27 at 6 PM, KST, Drunken Tiger released the music video for “BUMAYE,” a second track of their final album. Following the release of single ‘YET’ in April, Drunken Tiger made a surprise comeback in less than two months!

Tiger JK reportedly received much influence from African and reggae music, and ended up basing his new track “BUMAYE” on that certain genre. Furthermore, producer Loptimist found the perfect BPM for Tiger JK to freely express himself with his lyrics.

Furthermore, the message Tiger JK tries to deliver is impressive as well. The rapper has apparently wrote the lyrics from what he had personally felt while hearing the sound of crowd cheering for the legendary boxer, Muhammad Ali. Through his message, he had hoped to talk about what is takes to be a “real champion.”

Meanwhile, Tiger JK had previously announced that with their 10th album as the last one, they will no longer release any albums under the name of “Drunken Tiger.”

Check it out below!

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Translated by Dasol Kim