Tiger JK announced the end of the legendary Korean Hip-Hop group, Drunken Tiger. He released ‘YET’ on April 13, and has begun the preparation of the 10th and final full-album of Drunken Tiger.

Tiger JK said, “I have decided to end Drunken Tiger for many reasons. I have taken the paradigm of current hip hop trend into consideration and decided the identity as ‘Drunken Tiger’ is not fitting anymore.” As a result, the song ‘YET‘ was pre-released solely for the fans of Drunken Tiger – the hip hop enthusiasts who have been there since the birth of Drunken Tiger.

Furthermore, he said, “this does not mean I’m quitting music. Thus, it is a little embarrassing to deliver the news of the end of Drunken Tiger. I did not expect to get a family and a stable job with hip-hop. As I continue this dream of mine, I will always be mindful of my rookie years.”

The following is Tiger JK’s statement regarding the final album of Drunken Tiger
  1. For the final album of Drunken Tiger, I have produced about 150 tracks with producer Loptimist. The production is still ongoing. We were going to release this album 4 years ago, but due to personal reasons, we ended up deleting a few songs and re-producing the tracks. The pre-released track ‘YET’ is solely for the fans of Drunken Tiger or the hip-hop enthusiasts. For the younger listeners who are sensitive about “present” and “trend,” the track might sound foreign. However, I was glad to see so many positive comments about the song. I’m glad that my fans, who are probably in their 30’s and 40’s can enjoy and relive the vibes from the past.

2. From the debut of Drunken Tiger, we considered ourselves as the pioneers of subculture music groups. Therefore, we were able to try different things without having to worry about our places on the music charts. We were just happy to see our fans waiting in line at a records shop to buy our albums. Nowadays, the places on the music charts determine the quality of the songs, and it’s a matter of time before songs that couldn’t enter the music chart disappear into air. Due to this phenomenon, the artists can’t receive credit for their originality and simply become people “who don’t understand the current trend.” Of course, I’m speaking from my own experience. As a result, I have come to conclusion that to continue the work of Drunken Tiger is just being stubborn and impractical. Thus, I needed a motivation to release one last album for me and the fans of Drunken Tiger.

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Translated by Dasol Kim