Singer and actor Park Yoochun (32) has been sued by an acquaintance who was bitten by his dog.

Image source – OSEN News

According to reports that the police and the entertainment industry revealed on January 17, the incident occurred back in 2011. More, the acquaintance visited Park Yoo-chun‘s apartment in the Gangnam area when they were bitten by his dog. Reportedly, the victim in this situation filed a report with the Gangnam police after the incident. As a result of the attack, the victim has to receive treatment to remove scarring from around their eye, the area where the injury took place.

The victim was also apparently close to Park Yoo-chun’s management. As such, they decided to send proof of the incident to Park Yoo-chun’s agency, C-JeS Entertainment, for treatment compensation by did not hear back from them. As a result, the victim has decided to take their claim to court.

However, a representative from the company responded that “If nothing had been done seven years ago, it would have been a problem. But when the incident happened we paid the full medical bill, and Park Yoo-chun had apologized at the hospital.”

Further, the agency revealed that they had received a request for compensation from the victim that amounted to 1.2 billion won (about 1.1 million USD) last week, but had only heard about the lawsuit that very day.

Since the day of the incident, Park Yoo-chun and the company believed that the matter was settled. Moreover, the representative claims that Park Yoo-chun had not had any contact with the victim since. As such, he was not aware that the person was still receiving treatment.

C-JeS Entertainment is currently reviewing the claim.


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