The prosecutions appeal against S.E.S. Shoo will not be going forward.

s.e.s. shoo
Image source – Ilgan Sports

“The prosecution has given up its appeal on the gambling issue,” said the Deputy Chief Prosecutor of the Eastern District Prosecutors’ Office. As a result, the court’s earlier sentencing of six-month in prison, two years of probation, and 80 hours of community service still stands.

The prosecution originally fought for a year-long prison sentence for S.E.S. Shoo, real name Yoo Soo-young, but that was reduced to six months.

For about 21 months, Yoo went overseas to casinos located in such places like Macau to gamble, which is illegal according to South Korean law. Moreover, according to court records, Yoo went abroad to gamble about 26 times and used closed to 800 million won during this time.

In response to her sentencing, Yoo apologized and said that she is sincerely reflecting on her actions. Addition to this, the singer said she felt ashamed and embarrassed for her family and angry at herself for not stopping.




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