Jun Hyun-moo has announced he and Han Hye-jin are still in a great relationship, clearing up the break-up rumors.

KBS2 show ‘Entertainment Weekly’ had a coverage on the premiere press release event of the movie Duck Duck Goose.

For the movie’s dubbing, Jun Hyun-moo, YooA from OH MY GIRL, and comedian Park Seong-gwang participated in voice acting.

During the interview, Jun Hyun-moo said, “The first entertainment show I appeared on when I was working as a KBS announcer was ‘Entertainment Weekly’. I remember I persistently threw awkward questions to many actors, making them uncomfortable”.

He continued and said, “Normally, you are supposed to go onto a next question when the actor looks uncomfortable. Even the producers want you to stop. But I ignored them and kept asking the awkward questions”.

Then the reporter told Jun Hyun-moo, “I will then ask you an awkward question, too. How is your love relationship with Han Hye-jin these days?”

Jun Hyun-moo answered, “We are in a great relationship. You mind your own business”, purposely making a fake angry face.


Original article
by Audrey Joung