Jo Jae-hyun, who is involved in a sexual assault scandal, will stop appearing on tvN drama ‘Cross’ starting from the episode 12.

On February 28th, the production crew of ‘Cross’ announced “after Jo Jae-hyun made his official announcement last weekend, we have corrected the script so the character dies in episode 12, instead of episode 16, which was originally planned.”

“Although we tried our best to make the actor’s end of appearance sooner, it was unfortunately hard as his character is one of the drama’s main characters. We will be editing episodes 11 and 12 in a way that the character appears as rare as possible”, the crew said.

Lastly, they apologized to viewers saying, “for episode 10, we had to trim down his 40-minute part to 20 minutes. Therefore, they were some scenes where the flow was a little awkward. We would like to apologize for that.”


Original article
by Audrey Joung