After a long stream of incidents, Hyuna has officially parted ways with Cube Entertainment.

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On October 15, Cube Entertainment (Herein referred to as Cube) reported that the company and Hyuna had come to an agreement to cancel all of her remaining contracts with the company.

The news came in a short official announcement that you can read below:

This is Cube Entertainment.
On the 15th Cube Entertainment agreed to terminate its contract with Hyuna.
We sincerely thank the artists and her fans for being with us until now.

This is the first official news on the matter since Cube announced a decision to oust both Hyuna and her boyfriend E’Dawn from Pentagon. There were many troubling aspects with the announcement, including unconfirmed reports that both artists discovered the news from friends and the media.

However, later that same day Cube flip-flopped and released another statement saying that it had not come to an official decision. Many speculated that the 180-degree turn was due to an immediate drop in their stock after news of the two artists being expelled from Cube first came out.

The whole saga began when Cube denied a rumor that Hyuna and E’Dawn, both who were then promoting Triple H, were romantically involved. Shortly after they presented their position, the two singers came clean about their almost two-year-long relationship on social media.

The backlash was immediate with many fans feeling betrayed by their long-kept secret. Moreover, Cube decided to cancel Triple H’s promotions and pulled E’Dawn from Pentagon’s activities and reported that he would be on hiatus.

Meanwhile, no news about what E’Dawn will decide to do. According to unconfirmed reports, there are still aspects of his contract with Cube that need to be settled.



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