Hours after both former T-ara member Park Ji-Yeon and Jung Joon-young denied a second round of dating rumors, Daily Sports news says in an exclusive report that the two are indeed in a relationship.

Image source – OSEN News

Both Jung Joon-young and former T-ara member Park Ji-young have denied that they are in a relationship, claiming they are friends.

However, Daily Sports news, a Korean-based news outlet, has exclusively reported that they are dating but despite their continued denial any romantic involvement. According to the news outlet, it discovered the truth after speaking to close associates of the two and monitoring online communities.

On August 8, different users’ post began to appear in online communities after Jung and Park’s second round of rumors — and subsequent denials — began to make their way through various channels of communication. One netizen posted that they recall an article coming out where an eyewitness saw the two on a date. Another said they are reminded of an article or post where an eyewitness said they saw the two kiss. Additionally, one other netizen asked “if they aren’t lovers, why are there ‘kiss sightings?'”

The most recent scrutiny of Jung and Park’s relationship comes more than a year after they first came under suspicion last April. Although the two have denied anything more than friendship, Daily Sports news reported that the two are in a relationship, a conclusion reached as a result of exclusive coverage and investigation.

Aids associated with the two entertainers hit it off when they first met, and “since then and until now they are seeing each other as a couple,” the aids told the news outlet. According to Daily Sports news, Jung and Park came together through music, a commonality the two shared. As such, they became closer and based on this friendship a romantic relationship developed.

Meanwhile, Jung is a multi-talented entertainer with experience as a host, radio DJ, singer, actor, and TV personality. He is a cast member on “2 Days & 1 Night” and released a digital single “Fiancée,” featuring rapper Microdot in March.

Similarly, Park is a singer and entertainer who is known for her music as well as acting. Earlier this year, she signed an exclusive contract with Longzhen Culture Development, an influencing Chinese agency.



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