The relationship between Triple H’s E’Dawn and Hyuna and other news concerning Hui has left many fans angry, concerned, and frustrated.

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After singer and rapper Hyuna confirmed that she and fellow Triple H member E’Dawn have been dating for as long as two years on August 2. Unfortunately for the couple and the group, the storm that followed the confession shows little sign of abating.

Following her reveal, fans expressed anger with how the news came out, saying that it was “messy.” Others who have backtracked through the group’s content see their performances and music videos in a new light. What was thought to be a delightful amount of natural chemistry is now seen as lovers interacting while working. More, many domestic fans share the opinion that the two should have admitted their relationship from the beginning or denied it until the very end.

As a result, although Hyuna and E’Dawn are not in a public relationship, there seems to be little room for them to express and celebrate their love. In particular, the three-member group was forced to cut their comeback promotions short. On Monday, Cube Entertainment announced that Triple H would not be recording for either MBC’s “The Show,” or SBS “Inkigayo.” On top of that, they had also canceled a fan signing event scheduled for August 4 due to the continued unrest.

To make the situation even more complicated, member Hui has also experienced his own scandal within the same timeframe. Last week, news outlets connected the singer with (G)I-DLE Soojin. While the singer and his agency dealt with the situation rather well in comparison to the other Triple H members, the fact that two Pentagon members — E’Dawn, Hui — are embroiled in dating rumors and news has affected the boy group.

Pentagon’s first fan club event scheduled for August 11 has not sold out yet. However, Cube Entertainment denies that the two are related. An official said that there weren’t many cancellations after the dating news broke. Notwithstanding, the downturn is a fatal blow to the group who just recently gained recognition and momentum with their song “Shine,” earlier this year.



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