Actor Song Geon-hee, who played Young-jae’s role in “Sky Castle,” is to star in the much anticipated Netflix Original Series “Love Alarm.”


On February 11, Song Geon-hee’s management agency announced that the actor has confirmed to act in “Love Alarm.”

“Love Alarm” centers on a virtual mobile application which is designed to alert its users if anyone nearby harbors romantic feelings for them. The story follows people who still want to connect with others through true feelings.

Previously, actors Kim So-hyun, Jeong Ga-ram, Song Kang, Ko Min-shi have confirmed to star in the drama. Following them, Song Geon-hee is joining as a K-pop idol star Max’ role.

Fans are excited to see him in “Love Alarm,” especially because the upcoming role is completely different from his previous characters. The actor’s former works include “Love Playlist” and “My ID Is Gangnam Beauty.”

Netflix original series “Love Alarm” will premiere in 2019.


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