Singer Dana surprised fans after she revealed the results of an intensive weight loss diet.


When Dana ended her hiatus last year, fans were shocked by the singer’s drastic change. Her significant weight gain left her a shadow of her former idol self.

Looking to lead a healthier life and regain her self-esteem, the former member of The Grace embarked on an “open diet program” where she shared her weight loss journey with viewers through the program “Danalda” that aired on the Life Channel.

Viewers supported Dana’s candid and unflinching desired to shed extra weight. According to the singer, this journey all included overcoming emotional baggage linked to a breakup, the loss of her brother, and insomnia.

Now, having shed 35 pounds, the singer plans to continue dieting and working out for the rest of the year. “I am going to work harder to lose weight for the rest of the year,” she said in a statement, “I won’t disappoint fans who expected to see a healthy change.”

Before starting her strict diet, Dana clocked in as 176 pounds and is now at 151 pounds.




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Translated by O.C