The young star will join actress and model Lee Sung-kyung, Lee Sang-yoon, and more.

Rowoon sf9 about time
Image source – FNC Entertainment, OSEN News

According to tvN officials on February 6, SF9 member Rowoon has accepted a casting offer to star in the upcoming fantasy drama “About Time.” Further, the singer will reportedly play the role of Choi Yu-jin, the young brother of Lee Sung-kyung’s character Choi Michaela.

Notably, this will be Rowoon’s third acting role. He previously starred in the web drama “Click Your Heart” and KBS’ “School 2017.” Through these roles Rowoon proved himself to be a competent new generation actor. Moreover, as Chi Yu-jin it is anticipated that he will show more of his acting ability.

“About Time” is a fantasy-romance drama about Choi Michaela, a musical actress with a supernatural ability. Michaela can see the “life clock” or lifespan, of those around her. However, one day she meets Doha (Lee Sang-yoon) who mysteriously freezes her life clock. From this moment onward their fates are inextricably intertwined.

Meanwhile, “About Time” will begin broadcasting in May.


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