Seo In-Young says how sorry she is to Crown J for the past controversy during filming for JTBC’s “With You” season 2.

On December 4 broadcast of MBC “Video Star,” Seo In-Young appeared as a guest along with Lee Sun-Jung, Jung Ga-Eun, and Seo Mun-Tak. When Seo In-Young came onto the show, the MC’s greeted her by making her take an oath to not ever let her temperamental characteristic get in her way of having a successful career.

Seo, in respond, agreed to the oath that read, “I peaked at life with my unhindered straightforwardness. However, I also reached my bottom for that same reason. I will not cry. I will not get angry. Most importantly, I will not run away from work and I will not curse in front of others.”

This oath referred to the past incident of Seo In-Young, where she was caught cursing and making a scene while filing for JTBC’s “With You” with Crown J. Afterwards, she stepped down from the program and rested her activities and promotions for over a year.

When MC’s asked about Crown J, Seo answered, “I tried to get in contact with him twice, but he did not answer.”

However, when the MC’s showed her a video message from Crown J, which he had left to her during his appearance as a guest on “Video Star” in the past, Seo In-Young bursted into tears. In the video, Crown J said, “you must have suffered a lot of emotional pain. But God does not allow a person to go through something he or she is not capable of enduring. I hope that you will come back with better and more matured you.”

In response, Seo In-Young also left a video message to Crown J.

The singer said, “I’m doing well and I spent the greatest time of my life with you. Now that I look back, we have so many good memories. I feel awful that things ended like this, but I hope that you are able to remember only the good memories with me. Moreover, I hope that you are happy with your music and your girlfriend that you love so much. Always, fighting!”

At the end, Seo In-Young once again apologized to the public for her misbehaviors. She said, “no word will ever describe how apologetic I am. No matter what I say, it won’t excuse me from what I’ve done. At the time, I was overwhelmed. I was going through a lot emotionally. Afterwards, I event attended the hospital. It was such a traumatic experience for me.”

Image Source – MBC

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Translated by Dasol Kim