On March 26, MBC’s ‘Section TV’ talked about the controversy regarding AOA Seolhyun’s leaked photo. However, the show is currently receiving criticism from the netizens for airing the controversial picture.

Recently, a semi-nude picture of AOA member Seolhyun circulated through various messenger apps. The rumors said that “the photo was leaked from Zico’s phone.”

‘Section TV’ hired a professional analyst to determine whether the picture was photoshopped or not. The analyst said, “it seems that a person who is very well-trained in photoshop edited the picture. In conclusion, it is most likely that it is photoshopped.” However, as the professional continued the analysis, ‘Section TV’ made a mistake of airing the controversial picture without appropriate editing. In addition, the program did an interview with Block B member Zico. During the interview, Zico clarified that he had never lose his phone and denied his involvement.

The netizens criticized the program for their poor handling of this controversy. They argued that it was unnecessary to include the photo in the broadcast, which probably came to Seolhyun as a secondary attack. Furthermore, many said setting up the interview with Zico only worsen the rumors.

Meanwhile, FNC Entertainment said they will take legal action against the person who released the picture of Seolhyun.

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Translated by Dasol Kim