On April 25, Mnet’s ‘M! Countdown’ reported they are changing the chart scoring system to represent more from the international K-pop fans.

First, Mnet reported they are establishing a new corner called ‘Song of the Day’ that represents the music trend from the domestic fans. Compared to the old chart where the win was shifted heavily towards one side, Mnet aims to even out the opportunities for every song in the chart. The chart will be based on views from Facebook and karaoke charts to choose music that was actually sung, heared, and played by all Koreans. At the end, they will introduce the song that topped the chart at a new corner of M! Countdown. By doing so, Mnet hopes to introduce songs and artists who didn’t have the opportunity to win at M! Countdown.

In addition, they are changing the calculation of the chart starting with April 26 broadcast of M! Countdown. Thus, they will increase the percentage count of global fan votes and social media engagement (view counts and likes on Korean M! Countdown Facebook). This way, they can reflect the trend of international K-pop fans and create a chart that everyone can relate.

Furthermore, they are letting a “global MC crew” to be in charge of hosting M! Countdown, which will be made up of idol members who are capable of speaking foreign languages. The MC’s will introduce the chart or special corners of the program in different languages and communicate with international fans. The crew will change every week.

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Translated by Dasol Kim