In a national petition posted on the Blue House’s website, the authors called actress Kyun Mi-ri “inconvenient” and “shameless” for continuing to work in the public eye after her husband’s manipulation of stocks came to light.

On Wednesday, a person created a petition on the Blue House’s website calling actress Kyun Mi-Ri out for continuing to work on a home shopping network after her husbanD’s stock scandal.

On November 2, the Seoul Southern District Court fined Kyun’s husband, who was a former director at a KOSDAQ-listed company, 2.5 billion won (approximately 2.25 million USD) for manipulating stock prices. Additionally, he also defrauded investors out of millions of won through false disclosure and making them believe that the money was being invested in the company.

When this information became public, Kyun apologized and temporarily stepped down from her host position on a home shopping network. Her agency said that she was taking some responsibility for the damage her husband caused to investors. However, the agency stressed that she was not involved with her husband’s stock manipulation scheme.

Nonetheless, the writer of the petition feels that her apology and temporary halt of her appearance is not enough. In the post, the poster writes that she “ignores her husband’s stock manipulation and sells cosmetics shamelessly,” and that seeing her on TV is “inconvenient.”



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