On the latest episode of “My Little Old Boy,” singer Kim Jong-kook reveals he had a health issue that required surgery.

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Image source – SBS

On the April 1, episode of “My Little Old Boy,” also known as “My Ugly Duckling,” singer Kim Jong-kook was shown preparing for a medical operation.

During the episode, Kim revealed that he has been experiencing severe pain in his abdomen.”Lately, when I sing I experience pain,” he confessed. He explained that when this happened, he had touched his stomach and discovered a protrusion. It wasn’t until the singer visited a hospital where he had an ultrasound and blood tests that he discovered he had an abdominal hernia caused by excessive exercise.

According to Mayo Clinic, an abdominal hernia happens when tissue in the abdomen, such part of an organ, “protrudes through a weak spot in the abdominal muscles.” Consequently, the resulting bulge can be extremely uncomfortable and painful. Moreover, it can make tasks that require bending over or lifting a heavy object difficult.

However, due to his schedule, Kim revealed that he had to postpone the surgery for six months surprising everyone. Until then, he had endured the pain and forcibly pushed the protrusion back into his body.

Image source – SBS

The Surgery

For the surgery, Kim Jong-kook had spinal anesthesia and is adviced by the doctor to stay overnight in the hospital.  Becuase of the operation, Kim has to avoid excessively moving of abdominal area for about a month. Additionally, the doctor specifically mentioned to ” not lift anything over 10 kilograms” and to “not exercise for six weeks.”

Kim Jong-kook’s mother was clearly upset with the entire situation and sighed at the sight. While watching the video she said, “take a break from exercising for the time being.” Kim is known as an advocate for healthy living. As seen in the show, he regularly exercises — most of the time excessively — and maintains a strict diet.

Kim Jong-kook’s mother has repeatedly expressed distaste for her son’s extreme workout sessions that can last for hours. On the show, she said, “I tell him that if he exercises too much, he’ll die quickly, but he doesn’t listen to me.”

Fortunately, Kim surgery was successful, and he is currently recovering.


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