Actress Jung Ryeo-won boldly spoke out against sexual violence during her acceptance speech at 2017 KBS Drama Awards on December 31. The actress won Top Excellence Award for Actresses, along with Lee Yoo-ri.

The award acknowledges Jung Ryeo-won’s excellent portrayal of the prosecutor role in “Witch’s Court,” a Korea drama series which center around female prosecutor’s endeavor on sexual crime cases.

“Hi. This is Jung Ryeo-won, who was overly happy to play Ma Yi-deum’s role,” the actress opened her speech, expressing how grateful she is to be honored with the award.

“Drama ‘Witch’s Court’ deals with a heavy subject of sexual violence,” she continued. “Actually, such crimes are all over the society like a cold, but the perpetrators are not exposed. I wish this drama made an opportunity to tighten the related laws so that offenders are punished and victims can raise their voices.”

The actress concluded her speech by expressing gratitude to staffs and co-actors.


By Heewon Kim