Photos spread on an online community have created rumors that JBJ Kim Yong-guk and Sonamoo Na-hyun are in a relationship.

Image source – OSEN News

On Saturday, a┬ámedia outlet reported that love was blooming between JBJ member Kim Yong-guk and Sonamoo member Na-hyun. The report was based on photos that have spread on online communities recently. In the pictures, two people who some alleged are the singers are together at a cafe. In one of the photos, the girl thought to me Na-hyun places her arm around Kim’s shoulders.

According to the report, the photo was taken in August and captures the two singers along with Kim’s older sister. Since the news, netizens have also grown more suspicious and have begun looking for evidence. A few have claimed they have “couple items” in the form of similar or identical t-shirt and phone case. Moreover, other have contented the use of the dragon emoticon by both was a sign of their secret love.

After not responding to initial inquiries from the media, both of the artist’s agencies came forward with official statements. Sonamoo’s agency TS Entertainment officially denied the rumor. Instead, it asserted the two are not lovers, but close friends. This stance was echoed by Choon Entertainment, Kim’s agency, who also said the rumor was not true.

Providing an explanation, Choon Entertainment said that after reaching out to Kim about the news, it had confirmed that the rumor was not true. Further, they are just friends who support each other. Moreover, the photos being spread on online communities were apparently shared with close acquaintances, claimed the company.

Unfortunately, the announcements have not yet abated the opinions of netizens.



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