The product of “Produce 48,” new girl group IZ*ONE have officially reached the status of “super-rookie.”

Image source – OSEN News

It is only the fourth day since IZ*ONE debuted with their first mini album COLOR*IZ on October 29. However, in that short period of time, the new girl group have already reached the status of “super-rookie,” a term used to describe an extremely successful debut of a new group. Other examples of super-rookies include TWICE, BLACKPINK, and WannaOne.

Currently, the group’s title song “La Vie en Rose” is enjoying a good standing on domestic charts, cumulatively landing in the top 20 according to iChart Korea. Furthermore, they have also appeared on several international iTunes charts in the K-Pop album category. In addition to their performance on music charts, the group has already accumulated 7.5 million views on

With such a hot debut, many are looking forward to seeing how the group develops in both Korea and Japan over the course of the contract.



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