IU’s upcoming original film series “Persona” has revealed its first 4 stills!

Persona” is the upcoming original series produced by Mystic Entertainment that features singer IU as its lead actress. The series will contain 4 different short films directed by 4 different directors – Im Pil-Sung, Lee Kyung-Mi, Kim Jong-Kwan, and Jeon Go-Woon.

These directors were given one character and one main plot to share, but they have incorporated their own interpretations of the settings, resulting in 4 different ways to tell the main character’s story.

Consequently, the stills showed 4 different sides of IU, as each still came from different films and settings. In the first image, IU is practicing yoga outdoor with arms stretched out very elegantly. On the other hand, the second picture features the actress in a professional tennis player’s outfit, glaring at something with an intense look on her face.

The next picture shows IU staring at her co-star Shim Dal-Gi tensely in training outfits, whereas the final picture features the actress in casual outfit, but in a tense environment.

Meanwhile, “Persona” had also confirmed an impressive lineup of actors in supporting roles, such as Bae Doona, Park Hae-Soo, Kim Tae-Hoon, and Lee Sung-Wook.

Image Source – Mystic Entertainment

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Translated by Dasol Kim