Hong Yoon-Hwa is only 2 kilograms away from reaching her weight loss goal prior to wedding in November!

On October 15, comedian Hong Yoon-Hwa appeared on SBS “Same Bed, Different Dreams” as a guest. When the hosts asked her how she is doing with her diet, Hong Yoon-Hwa revealed, “I have lost over 28 kilograms so far.”

Image Source – SBS

She continued, “I got my wedding dress refitted this week. I was worried that it would be too small on me, but I ended up sizing it down even more.”

Hong first declared to go on a diet when she was selected to model a company that sells chicken breast in March. To promote the chicken, the comedian was determined to lose about 30 kilograms before her wedding in November.

Now, she has about a month left to lose 2 kilograms to reach her goal. With the pace that she had been keeping up until now, the rest of the goal should not be a problem at all.

Furthermore, Hong also took the liberty share a little bit about preparing for her wedding. She said, “we have never fought while preparing for the wedding. Min-ki is a ‘Yes Man’ because he says ‘yes’ to everything I say. Consequently, it led me to worry that maybe he doesn’t care about the wedding. So I asked him what kind of wedding he wanted, and he said he just wanted to have a wedding with me.”

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Translated by Dasol Kim