Although there are five months left in 2018, thousands of consumers have decided that “Something in the Rain” was the best drama of the year.

Consumers have selected JTBC’s “Something in the Rain” as the golden drama of 2018. According to reports, 364,816 people cast 3,817,527 votes were cast with the romance drama coming out on top.

The romantic series starred Son Ye-jin and Jung Hae-in as they found true love in an unusual circumstance. In particular, many viewers praised the realist portrayal of a relationship, work, family, and a life. While on air, the drama became the talk of the town and recorded a high viewer rating of 8.3 percent (based on paid households in the Seoul / Nielsen Korea).

With the consumer’s selection, “Something in the Rain” wins the award in the drama category for the 2018 Brand of the Year awards hosted by the Korea Consumer Brand Committee. More, it is an event to select and reward the best brand, honored through annual votes. Notably, the series got more votes than “Stranger,” and “Live,” and “Mother.”

The process to determine the winner for the drama, and 13 other categories, was done so through an online voting system that ran from May 30 to June 13. In total, consumers chose from 1,400 brands in 14 categories including health, education, food, and more. The outcome of this vote is distinct in that winners are 100 percent chosen by the public.



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