Singer Chae Yeon returns with single “Bazzaya” and shares what she hopes to achieve from this comeback!

On November 9, Chae Yeon hosted the comeback showcase for her upcoming single “Bazzaya” scheduled to drop on November 13. During the showcase, she talked briefly about the experience of preparing for an album for the first time in over three years.

Chae Yeon said, “it was definitely tough preparing for this comeback. While I was going through a hard time, H.O.T’s Tony said something that really calmed me down. He said, ‘you are trying your best. You deserve an applause just for being able to dance and sing at your age, especially with other younger idols.’ It gave me the energy to move forward.”

Moreover, the singer also shared, “I’m actually very nervous right now. One day, I’m fine and then the next day, I’m nervous. This pattern kept repeating itself, and I felt like I was going through hell.”

But most importantly Chae Yeon pushed through and finally made it. At last, the singer shared what she hopes to gain out of this comeback. She said, “there are so many other female idols and singers, who are as sexy and talented. Many people call me the “sexy diva,” but now I’m not sure if I’m deserving the name. But I hope that people continue to call me that. I still love it when people say that I’m sexy and I still have a lot to show.”

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Translated by Dasol Kim