Beauty YouTuber/Make Up Artist Risabae is releasing a single album on May 27!

On May 25, Kakao M (previously LOEN Entertainment) reported “Risabae confirmed to release her single ‘E.N.C’ featuring rapper Kissum at 6 PM on May 27, KST.”

Previously, Risabae made her first announcement about releasing a single on May 14. She said, “I can finally unveil the news about my participation in a project album.” She continued, “one of the producers at Kakao M suggested and I’ve made the decision to take part after a long consideration.”

Furthermore, she announced on May 24 that she is releasing the song ‘E.N.C feat. Kissum’ on May 27. She also added that she sang the song herself and will use it as the soundtrack for her broadcast on YouTube.

This single is a part of Kakao M’s new music project, where they partner with power ‘influencers’ to create single albums. Risabae’s YouTube Channel owns 1.6 million subscribers and she has a great influence on the Korean make up industry. This make up artist introduced various make up methods to her subscribers, and was chosen as a ‘wanna be icon’ for women in South Korea. In addition, she appeared in MBC variety show ‘Radio Star’ and received attention nationwide.

Meanwhile, both Risabae and Kakao M emphasized that she is not debuting as an official singer.

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Translated by Dasol Kim