Presenter and actress Kim Won-hee will reveal for the first time why she does not have children on an upcoming episode of SBS’ “Today’s Family.”

Image source – SBS

On an upcoming episode of SBS’ entertainment program “Today’s Family” (working title), Kim Won-hee is going to talk about why no news of pregnancy has ever come about from her 14-year marriage. The presenter and actress married in 2005 to a photographer. Further, although a private matter, through the years, some questioned why the star has not had any children yet.

In the show, Kim addresses this saying that “many people are curious about [why I have not children], but I haven’t had the opportunity to talk about it. Moreover, as people carefully treaded around the subject around her, she felt that it became increasingly harder to talk about it openly. However, now with the platform of the show, she has found a space to be truthful about the situation and her feelings. The next episode with Kim will are on Tuesday and Wednesday at 6 p.m.

Meanwhile, “Today’s Family” is a show that explores the increasingly diverse and untraditional lives of contemporary families in South Korea. In particular, it doesn’t just focus on the nuclear family, but the extended as well.




Translated by O.C