Taeyeon’s solo concert was chosen as ‘the Best Asian Concert Award’ at the KAZZ Awards 2018!

In May of 2017, Taeyeon held a solo concert in Bangkok, Thailand, titled ‘TAEYEON solo concert “PERSONA” in BANGKOK’ at the Thunder Dome. It was the first-ever solo concert in Thailand by a female K-pop solo artist, and the tickets sold out in just two minutes after the sales started. In addition, Taeyeon managed to sing live the entire time and received much attention from the country.

Apparently, the concert received a lot more attention than expected. On May 16, Taeyeon’s solo concert received an award for ‘the Best Asian Concert’ at the 2018 KAZZ Awards.

‘KAZZ Awards’ is a famous Thailand awards ceremonies, which took place since 2007. The award Taeyeon received was based on the votes from fans DURING the concert, proving Taeyeon’s popularity in the country, once again.

Congratulations, Taeyeon!

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Translated by Dasol Kim