Having now won the second trial in a civil lawsuit against his ex-girlfriend, Kim Hyun-joong’s remaining criminal cases and upcoming drama are gaining attention.

Image source – OSEN News

On October 10, the 32nd civil affairs department of the Seoul High Court held the second trial concerning singer and actor Kim Hyun-joon and his ex-girlfriend, referred here as Ms. A.

Both parties did not attend the trial in person on the same day, but it appears that their appearance was not necessary for the trial to proceed. The court dismissed the appeals filed by Ms. A, giving the same verdict as the first trial. As a result, the court determined that Ms. A pay Kim 100 million South Korean won (87,447 USD).

The situation behind the case is traced back to April 2015. Ms. A filed a lawsuit against Kim for 1.6 billion South Korean won (approximately 1.4 million). According to Ms. A’s claim, she was pregnant with Kim’s child but suffered a miscarriage due to physical assault at the hands of the SS501 member.

Kim filed a counter lawsuit where he denied the accusations, and that the ex-girlfriend was guilty of libel and defamation. Ms. A had conducted an interview where she presented her side of the story in a media publication. The first trial took place in 2016 where the court first said that Ms. A did not have sufficient evidence to back her claim.

During the first trial, prosecutors investigating the circumstances sought to indict Ms. A on attempted fraud and libel charges. Ultimately, she was found guilty of defamation by publication in February 2017 and attempted fraud. In response, Ms. A’s defense appealed the decision, leading to the most recent ruling.

With Kim set to return to the spotlight in the fantasy drama “When Time Stopped,” many are wondering how or if his past scandal and trial will affect him.



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