The 5-Time winner of “The King of Masked Singer” revealed to be none other than EXID’s returning main vocalist, Solji!

On October 21 broadcast of MBC’s “The King of Masked Singer,” Dongmakgol Girl finally revealed her identity after consecutively winning the past 5 rounds. The singer behind the mask of EXID’s main vocalist Solji, finally marking her official return after a long hiatus due to health related issues.

After becoming the winner during the program’s pilot episode in 2015, Solji became the winner once again, 3 years later. The singer said, “as I have returned, I thought of doing something special, but wasn’t sure what to do. Because I received a lot of love through “The Masked Singer,” I thought I should greet fans with it once more. I wasn’t expecting to be the winner, so I was very thankful.”

Image Source – MBC
Afterwards, Solji participated in an interview to talk about winning 5 rounds of “The King of Masked Singer,” as well as finally returning to perform with her group, EXID.

Regarding becoming the 5-time winner of the program, Solji said, “I wasn’t expecting it at all. This program has done so much for me. It’s the first thing that comes to my mind when I look back at my career as a singer. I cherish it very much.”

Solji also shared about the hiatus, as well as preparing for MBC program. She said, “I took a break from activities for about a year and a half. When it was time I made my return, I thought of many different ways to greet my fans and the public. Then, this program came across my mind, and after discussing the matter with the CEO of my company, I decided to enter the competition.”

At last, Solji also shared about what she hopes to show to her fans and the audience now that she has returned to the industry. The singer said, “this show was the first time standing in front of an audience by myself after coming out of my hiatus. It felt like a new beginning and the thought just teared me up. When I was watching the show at home, I cried again. Regarding my resumed promotions, I first want to put on great performances with the rest of my members. As our fans have waited so patiently for the full group return, it’s time to pay them back for their love. I will continue to take care of my health, as well. Please send me lots of encouragement.”

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Translated by Dasol Kim