Nam Young-Joo from SBS ‘K-Pop Star 3’ is debuting as an actress!

At a recent interview with OSEN, Nam Young-Joo revealed that she will be performing on stage for a play called ‘Love Playlist.’

Nam said, “I’ve always dreamed of being an actress. I took acting classes and somewhat learned acting, but I could never show it or tell someone about it. It’s because I didn’t see myself worthy enough to act. After I received the offer to act in ‘Love Playlist,’ I cried so much. It’s overwhelming just to say that I am an actress.”

Nam Young-Joo will act in the role of ‘Kwon Do-Young’ in the play ‘Love Playlist.’ She said she shares many things with her character. For example, “Kwon Do-Young acts like she’s tough, but very fragile inside. In order to not reveal her vulnerability, it’s like a self-protecting mechanism. I also tend to hide my weak side as best as I can.”

Previously, Nam Young-Joo appeared in SBS survival show ‘K-Pop Star 3’ and marked herself in the music industry. Afterwards, she debuted as a soloist and promoted with ‘Tenderhearted,’ ‘Anyone,’ ‘Unlit Room,’ and other songs.

Regarding ‘K-Pop Star 3,’ Nam said, “it was an unforgettable event that helped me to become who I am today. Lots of people still remember me as a ‘K-Pop Star’ contestant. It’s one of my missions to escape from that image I established in the program.”

While she is debuting as an actress, Nam reassured that she will continue with her singing career. She said, “just because I started acting, it doesn’t mean that I gave up on music. As my first work as an actress, I will be focusing on acting for now. However, I will continue to write music, learn how to play a guitar, as I plan to release a self-written song soon.”

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Translated by Dasol Kim