KBS’ new drama, “Prometheus: War of Fire,” boasts a large budget, a global plot, and may have a cast to match.

Image source – OSEN News

Actress Ha Ji-won (40) has been offered a lead role in KBS’ upcoming drama ” Prometheus: War of Fire.” On February 19, actress’s agency Haewadal Entertainment reported that she is “reviewing her casting offer favorably.”

Should she decided to accept the casting offer, she will take the role of the NIS agent Chae Eun-su. More, she will act alongside Joo Ji-hoon (36) who has been cast for the role of Park Hoon. More, with the cast and intense story, it is expected to be a blockbuster drama with unexpected plot-twists and thrills.

In addition to Ha Ji-won and Joo Ji-hoon, Korean-American actor Lee Ki-hong (32) may join the cast. Best known for his roles in the “Maze Runner” series, the actor was offered the role of top CIA agent Frank Lee. However, his appearance is still undecided.

On another note, this will be Ha Ji-won’s first production since the death of her brother, Jeon Tae-su, last month. Since his death, she canceled her appearance in the film “Manhunt” and suspended the rest of her activities.

“Prometheus: War of Fire,” will be produced as a 20-part series and raised an initial 15 billion won, roughly 14 million USD, in content funds for the show’s production and promotion. Also, KBS plans to inject another 15 billion won for a total of 30 billion won, about 28 million USD, to cover production costs. The broadcasting company hopes to further expand the scale of the drama to include locations abroad to make it globally recognized.

Moreover, as part of the planning process, KBS is discussing the sale of the first edition of the series with Netflix. Shooting is set to begin in May once casting is finalized.



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