GOT7 chats about their comeback album Eyes on You and title track “Look” in a new interview with Herald Pop.

GOT7 Look Eyes On You
Group photo for Eyes on You – JYP Entertainment

It has been five months since the GOT7 released their seventh album 7 for 7. However, it wasn’t until their most recent release, Eye On You, that the group really felt they have established an image, sound, and color that is uniquely their own.

This is according to an interview the seven-member group had at a cafe in Seongsu-dong Seoul. The title track from the new album, “Look,” is a cheerful pop song with a house track base, it displays the voices of the members that is set to satisfy listeners. However, the leader of the group and writer of the song JB (real name Im Jae-bum), admits that he had some concerns.

Image source – JYP Entertainment

“I was so happy when another of my songs became a title track. When my first song (“You Are” from 7 for 7) won the position of the title song, I was concerned about it. I thought that it would harm my team to promote a song I wrote. But I think this title song is good, and I feel confident about myself,” said JB.

JB isn’t alone — the rest of the group feels the same way. ” The more I listened to the song, the more I felt addicted to it,” said Yugyeom, the youngest member of the group. He continues, “we had a lot of candidates for the title song. Despite that, I like JB’s song because the rhythm is good and it makes me feel happy.”

“I Still Want to Go Higher”

Having debuted in 2014, GOT7 is becoming a senior group. When asked about entering their fifth year as a group the member felt they still had more work. “I still want to go higher” and ” We still lack a lot” were a few comments that summed up the sentiment of the group.

However, JB added a comment adding clarity to the sentiments mentioned earlier. “I don’t think we lack in ability. Since we work diligently on out live performances and performances, in general, I am confident. However, when it comes to popularity or the results of our music, I still think we have a long way to go as a group. Still, even though it’s been five years, I think it is good that we think we still have to go higher. And I think it is because we are still developing.”

Screencap of the MelOn music chart standings at 6:00 am, KST

GOT7 released their new song “Look” on March 12. Currently, the song is performing well on all music charts and is at the no. 7 spot on Melon music chart. Meanwhile, the group is also gearing up for a world tour that takes place later this year.



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