Singer Eric Nam and model Han Hyun-min are going to reveal what they keep in their refrigerators.

Eric Nam Han Hyun-min
Image source -OSEN News

On July 9, JTBC confirmed that both singer Eric Nam and bi-racial model Han Hyun-min are set to appear on a future episode of “Please Take Care of My Refrigerator.”

Both Nam and Han are known to have global appeal with a “boy next door” image that has earned them international love. Nam, who hails from the city of Atlanta in the U.S., has worked as a professional reporter and is now dedicating his time to being a singer and entertainer.

On the other hand, Han Hyun-min is considered the first bi-racial model in Korea. Born to a Korean mother and a Nigerian father, Han has broken into the fashion world — disrupting the narrative on what “being Korean” looks like. Due to his work in the fashion industry, the teen was listed in Time Magazine.

In addition to their artistic careers, the two have also gained attention for their witty remarks and honest comments. According to JTBC, the episode will air on July 16.



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