Epik High’s member DJ Tukutz temporarily changes his stage name to Sukutz, as promised in a radio show.

YG Entertainment

Tukutz took the new name and officially started promotion under his new stage name “Sukutz,” which will stay so for the entire month of July. Even on his official profiles and social media pages, his name appears as “Sukuts,” which translates to “male.”

On July 4, Epik High’s member Tablo appeared as a special DJ on “Cultwo Show,” which is one of the leading radio shows in Korea. During the show, DJ Tukutz sent supports by participating through text messages. In the message, Tukutz wrote, “I will change my stage name to Sukutz if ‘Epik High concert’ ranks top on realtime search terms.”


As soon as the search term appeared on the top of the rankings, Tablo called his manager to ask him to change Tukutz’ profile name. Soon after, search results for “Sukutz” on portal sites gave Tukutz’ profile information.

Epik High is currently readying for their upcoming show, “Now Playing.” The show will be held in Seoul and Busan.


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