Numerous broadcasters from around the world have requested to air the drama all based on Choi Jin-hyuk’s reputation.

Image source – Golden Thumb

The drama “Devilish Joy” is set to premiere this Wednesday on Korean television, but in other parts of the world, it has already started airing. Not only that, but multiple broadcasting companies around the world have requested for the right to air the show.

According to OSEN News, “Delivish Joy” is the highest-selling drama to be exported to Japan in recent years. Additionally, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau’s major media outlets such as KKTV have already started broadcasting it to an eager audience.

Other Asian outlets in Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Myanmar, Mongolia, Malasia, the Philipines, and Indonesia also plan to broadcast the show. Not only that, by companies in North America and Latin America have also gotten permission to air “Devilish Joy.”

The production company behind the drama, Golden Thumb, expressed surprise at the international attention. “We are surprised at the high performance of the drama,” a representative said. “This is evidence that there is a lot of interest in Korean dramas overseas.”

While that is certainly true there is another definitive factor that is also driving up demand: Choi Jin-Hyuk. Choi has grown into a global star due to his characters in “The Heirs,” “Gu Family Book,” “Emergency Couple,” and most recently “Tunnel” which aired in 2016. All of the show’s that he has starred in have been very popular in Japan.

According to the actor’s agency G-Tree Creative, they have gotten proposals for fan meetings and interviews in many countries following the success of “Tunnel.”



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