On March 16, Mnet announced the launch of a new music variety show ‘The Call.’ Exactly one month later, on April 16, the program revealed the 1st line up of artists, which included legendary Korean singers Shin Seung-Hoon, Kim Jong-Kook, Kim Bum-Soo, and Wheesung.

‘The Call’ is a special music project created by the producers of ‘I Can See Your Voice’. The goal of the program is to create collaborations with top singers of Korea. The singers from the 1st line up will send “love calls” to their desired partners from the 2nd line up, which hasn’t been revealed yet.

The program released a teaser video with Shin Seung-Hoon as a start. It’s been 5 years since his appearance in variety shows, so much attention is pouring into why he has decided to appear on ‘The Call’. Following Shin Seung-Hoon was Kim Jong-Kook. Even though he has appeared in numerous variety shows, he always portrayed himself as an entertainer, not a singer. Through ‘The Call,’ many are expecting to hear the sensitive and sweet voice of Kim Jong-Kook. The third person on the line-up is Kim Beom-Su. He showed his confidence by saying, “I think I will finally be able to portray a stage I’ve been dreaming of since I was young.” Lastly, Wheesung put his name on the line up.

The first episode will air on May 4th, with Yoo Se-Yoon and Lee Sang-Min as the MC’s. During the first episode, the four singers from the revealed line-up will try to guess the 2nd line up of artists and compete against one another to select their desired partners. If the “love calls” connect between the artists, they will officially start their music collaboration.

The first episode of ‘The Call’ will air on May 4th, 8:10 P.M., KST, on both Mnet and tvN.

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Translated by Dasol Kim