Zico, Ailee, Kim Hyeong-Seok to Head to North Korea for Inter-Korea Summit

Zico, Ailee and Kim Hyeong-seok will head to North Korea for the inter-Korean summit later this month.

Image source – OSEN News

On September 16, Im Jong-seok, current Chief Presidential Secretary for President of South Korea Moon Jae-in and chairman for the preparatory committee for the 2018 inter-Korean summit, released a list of 52 people who will be joining the president when he goes north later this month.

Notably, the 52 people on the list are from all walks of life, with occupations that range from politics to culture and civil society. In particular, BLOCK B Zico, soloist Ailee, and composer Kim Heong-seok are listed among the people headed to Pyeongyang.

According to officials, the committee feels that the three will create an atmosphere that reflects autumn, the season for this year’s second summit. Back in early April, the first summit of 2018 took place with artists like Red Velvet taking the stage in a performance that meant to epitomize spring.

Further, Secretary Im hopes that the inclusion of Zico and Ailee will also stimulate interest in younger generations for the in inter-Korean relations and reunification issues in the future.

Regarding their inclusion, both Zico and Ailee were delighted at being able to represent South Korea at the summit. Through his agency, Seven Seasons, Zico said that “it is a great honor” to be included on the participant’s lift. More, he also expressed a sense of duty saying that since the government has invited him, he will do his best.

Likewise, singer Ailee had a similar reaction and expressed the honor of being invited to accompany government officials to North Korea. Further, given the weight of the event, the singer also promised to do her best for the meaningful event. Kim also announced his participation and commitment to “help the South and North become closer through music” on social media.

Meanwhile, the third inter-Korean summit will take place in Pyongyang from September 18 to 20.



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