ZE:A Kim Dong-Jun has already established a career and reputation as a singer and actor, he is looking to further expand into the entertainment world.

Image source – Major9 Entertainment

On Thursday a representative from agency Major9 said that ZE:A Kim Dong-jun will appear in a new MBC variety show starring Don Spike. The show, currently called “If Don Spike Eats” (literal translation), is scheduled to airĀ in the first half of 2019.

Moreover, according to the agency, filming for the show is already on the road of production. On Friday, Kim is scheduled to leave for Europe and will also head to the U.S. with Don Spike. While there they will not only explore local sights and cuisine but also develop their own recipes. This is an area that the agency believes Kim will really shine and show off his skills as a cook.

Meanwhile, Kim appeared in the drama “About Time” and has appeared in other films and shows.



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