Yuri says Girls’ Generation gives her comfort and she looks forward to growing old together with the members!

For November issue of Singles, Girls’ Generation member Yuri decorated the cover. During the interview that followed the photoshoot, Yuri talked about finally debuting as a soloist after 12 years, and what Girls’ Generation personally means to her.

First, Yuri explained a little bit about her solo debut album “The First Scene” and its title track “Into You.”

The singer said, “it’s rather aggressive. Even from the title, it’s direct. As soon as I heard it, the sensual vibe of the song caught my attention. It was the first song I put in my list.”

Yuri continued, “I wanted to show the audience that I am capable of expanding my musical spectrum as a solo artist. Rather than simply getting recognized for my talent, I’m just thankful that I am able to do the things I want to, and there are people who support me in doing so. The fact that they tell me my happiness is their happiness. I think that’s the true definition of acknowledgment.”

Yuri also talked about the wide range of genres featured in her solo album. The singer said, “I wanted to the audience to feel as if they had watched a movie by listening to the tracks. I wanted it to have a beginning, middle, and the end. I even put a theatrical element and listed the tracks with scene numbers. The last track is entitled ‘Ending Credit.'”

At last, Yuri expressed her affection and gratitude towards Girls’ Generations members. She said, “the name Girls’ Generation gives me comfort. It’s like a home or a strong fence that keeps me safe. It always welcomes me with much warmth after I return from hard work outside. It’s very exciting to imagine what we would all look like when we are in our 40’s later.”

Image Source – Singles Magazine

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Translated by Dasol Kim