For the first time in 11 years since debut, Yubin finally greeted fans as a soloist!

On June 5 at 6 PM, KST, Yubin released her first solo digital single ‘City Woman’ and debuted as a soloist. After debuting as a member of girl group ‘Wonder Girls,’ she received much love and attention from the public. The group had many hit songs like ‘Tell Me’ and ‘Nobody,’ leading them to debut overseas as well.

However, after releasing ‘Draw Me’ in 2017, the group officially disbanded. As shocking as it was, Wonder Girls members continued to promote as soloists and gathered huge success. Following Sunmi and Ye-Eun, Yubin finally debuted as a soloist.

In celebration of her solo debut, Yubin participated in an interview and revealed the real reason behind the disbandment of Wonder Girls.

First, Yubin shared her excitement about debuting as a soloist after 11 years. She said, “I focused on the group promotions until now. However, I realized idols nowadays participate in solo activities a lot and I thought it was my chance. As I was preparing for it, my greed for perfection just became bigger and bigger. That’s why it took 11 years.”

Then she said, “I think for a lot of singers, a solo debut is their ultimate goal. I’m just glad I had the opportunity. However, I do have some concerns. I had to decide what kind of concept or genre I wanted to do. After a long and hard debate, I chose City Pop genre.”

Furthermore, Yubin also answered questions about her former Wonder Girls members. Regarding Ye-Eun and Sunmi’s success as soloists, Yubin said, “it really brought me a lot of energy. They managed to mark their presence in the minds of the public, which is what (I think) gave my solo album lots of attention. It’s all thanks to them, and they even said my songs sounded good.”

Afterwards, Yubin finally faced the inevitable question – why Wonder Girls had to break up. In response, she said, “for the past 10 years, we focused on the group promotions. And of course, that’s the reason why we were able to keep the group name as well. However, after discussing the matters with our members, we decided that we needed a fresh start. We thought with a fresh start, we will be more motivated. As a result, the members actually became more successful with the disbandment.”

She also answered questions about BTS and their US promotions. Regarding the matter, Yubin said, “I’m very proud of them. When I see them promoting themselves in the States, I’m proud as one of the Korean singers. I’ve also promoted in the same (US) market, and it was definitely hard, but very enjoyable. When will you ever get the opportunity to tour another country or appear in their radio shows?”

She concluded, “because I had various experiences, such as the US promotions, I am what I am today. I do not want to ever forget the memories from the past. They were moments I cherish, and the foundation to what I have built so far.”

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Translated by Dasol Kim