Joshua Carrott, who is known by his YouTube name “Korean Englishman,” clarified why he deleted all the videos that featured Jung Joon-young.

On March 13, Josh explained why he deleted some videos on YouTube. “Everyone, I was told about the incident yesterday out of sudden and I concluded that it is not right to leave videos which can disturb the viewers,” he wrote. “After consideration, I deleted videos that feature Jung Joon-young.”

“I’m leaving this message because I’ve noticed various rumors spreading out about our decision overnight. I clearly state that I have nothing to do with the current incident,” he added.

Josh is known as a close friend of Jung Joon-young. He has been invited as a special guest to “Salty Tour,” where he revealed 15 years of friendship with Jung Joon-young. At that time, Jung Joon-young said they first met each other in China when they were 15.

However, as Jung Joon-young was accused of sharing sexual footages without the consents of women involved, Josh promptly deleted contents that feature him.

Meanwhile, Jung Joon-young admitted charges against him and announced to stop all the activities in the entertainment industry.


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