Girl’s Generation member Yoona attended a Blue House luncheon, invited by First Lady Kim Jung-Sook!

On July 3, First Lady Kim Jung-Sook invited donors who have contributed much to the Community Chest of Korea. Among many invitees, Girl’s Generation member Yoona received the invitation for donating accumulative of 300 million won (approximately $268,650) over the past few years.

Besides the singer, many other donors attended the luncheon, from a 10-year old Kang Na-Yeon who has been donating since first grade, to a taxi driver Kim Kyung-Ja, who started the donation in 2009. Yoona also started donating to the community in 2010, and managed to become the first idol honorary member in 2015.

First Lady Kim Jung-Sook greeted the singer by saying “she is very good at singing. But as I saw on JTBC’s “Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast,” she’s also very good at cooking.”

In response, Yoona commented, “I had the opportunity to meet and listen to stories from others, whom I have a common interest in sharing. I thank First Lady Kim Jung-Sook for inviting me to spend a day full of warmth.”

Yoona continued, “because of my occupation, I believe my actions have a lot of influence on the society. I will try my best to show many good deeds.”

Furthermore, the event also shed light on Yoona’s comment after being selected as an honorary member back in 2015. At the time, the singer said, “at first I didn’t want to publicize my deeds because I wanted to help those in need, quietly. However, I think it’s important that we bring other people to join. By joining the honor society, I hoped to contribute as much as I can to the sharing culture of Korea.

Meanwhile, Yoona recently joined the cast of film “EXIT” (working title) to take on the role of female lead, Eui-joo. Last month, she completed her first solo fan meeting in Seoul with success, and plans to continue on her tour to Bangkok, Osaka, Hong Kong, and other parts in Asia.

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Translated by Dasol Kim