Actor Yoon Kyun-Sang might take over the male lead in the upcoming JTBC drama ‘Clean With Passion For Now’ (literal translation).

On May 29, a representative from ‘Clean With Passion For Now’ revealed that they offered the male lead role to actor Yoon Kyun-Sang.

If Yoon Kyun-Sang confirms his appearance, he would play the role that was originally offered to Ahn Hyo-Seop. While Ahn had already confirmed his appearance, he had to step down due to schedule conflicts with another drama.

The schedule conflict happened because actress Kim Yoo-Jung had to delay the filming due to health issues. However, she recently confirmed her comeback in August, which the JTBC drama also confirmed it will resume its filming.

‘Clean With Passion For Now’ is a drama based on a web-toon. It will tell a story about Gil Oh-Sol (Kim Yoo-Jung) who prioritizes life and job search over sanitation, and Jang Sun-Kyul (Yoon Kyun-Sang), a CEO of cleaning company who thinks sanitation is the most important aspect of life.

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Translated by Dasol Kim