Broadcast entertainers Yoo Jae-suk and Kim Yong-man finally won a lawsuit against their former agency regarding unpaid wages by the Supreme Court.

Yoo jae-suk
Image source – OSEN News

Yoo Jae-suk‘s lawyer led their side to victory in the third trial after the entertainers lost the first and second. As a result of the win, Yoo and Kim Yong-man is expected to receive his unpaid wages in full.

On Monday, Choi Choong-dan, a lawyer from Hanbyul, the law firm that represented Yoo and Kim in the case, told OSEN News that the purpose of the court’s ruling is to ensure that the two are paid for the bookings and appearances they had when with the now bankrupt agency.

Last week on the 17th, the court ruled that the two entertainers deserved the unpaid wages. According to the representative, between the two, they are owed upwards of 600 million won ($530,997). With the ruling now in place, their former agency is required to pay them back in full.

Besides winning a case that has been going on for almost a decade, the ruling on Yoo and Kim’s case may have longstanding implications for other celebrity pay disputes. Explaining the significance of the judgment, lawyer Choi said that the difference lays in the court. “It is influential because it is a Supreme Court ruling,” he said. Additionally, “there is a high chance that celebrities will win in other salary disputes,” said Choi.

Meanwhile, Yoo and Kim first filed their lawsuit against their former agency for unpaid wages in 2012. They lost their first trial and their second which came about a few years later in 2015, which he later appealed.




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