Bromance between actors Yoo Ah-In and Byun Yo-Han is real!

On June 13, a Coffee Truck company reported that Yoo Ah-In sent a coffee truck for Byun Yo-Han to support him in the upcoming tvN drama “Mr. Sunshine.” A representative from the drama also reported, “actor Yoo Ah-In sent us a set of amazing beverages for Byun Yo-Han and the staff members.”

The two first met at SBS drama ‘Six Flying Dragons’ in 2015. The drama extended over 50 episodes, and the two actors stayed together every step of the way. Even after the end of the drama, they managed to maintain their friendship.

When their co-star Yoon Kyun-Sang started a new drama, they also supported him with coffee and food trucks. Furthermore, Yoo Ah-In went to go see musical ‘Hedwig and the Angry Inch,’ which Byun Yo-Han starred in 2016.

“Mr. Sunshine” is a historical drama that tells a story of a Korean man who boarded a warship to America during the Korean Expedition in 1871. Several years later, he returns to Korea as an American soldier and fight for the independence of Korea. Byun Yo-Han will play in the role of Kim Hee-Sung, a man who returns to Korea after studying abroad in Japan.

Meanwhile, Yoo Ah-In recently attended the 71st Cannes Film Festival for his movie ‘Burning,’ which received much praise from the critics.

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Translated by Dasol Kim